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Pastor Jun Francke


Samuel Jun Francke was born and raised in Manila Philippines.  His biological parents are Samuel & Ester Gamino, and adoptive father G. Henry Francke of St. Ann, Missouri. His undergraduate course is Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 1993.  After graduation from his undergraduate, he worked as a Youth Leader for Yahweh’s New Covenant Assembly under Pastor Samuel T. Gamino in Quezon City Philippines.  He finished his graduate degree of Master in Christian Ministries in the Philippines in 1998, was Ordained as a Minister in the Sacred Name Movement, and continued to work as an Associate Pastor.  Jun migrated in the United States of America in 2002, established the Sacred Name Fellowship of St. Charles, Missouri in 2008, and co-founded Revival of Faith Ministries in 2009 and Natzarim Yahshua Family Fellowship in 2019 in Prescott Arizona.  He completed his second graduate degree in 2010 receiving his degree in Master of Health Administration with emphasis in Health Care Informatics. Jun is supported in his ministry by his wife, Lu, who herself was an active Sabbath School Teacher both in the Philippines and in Missouri. Jun and Lu are blessed with three children, Gabriel, Katrielle and Nathaniel.  They are also a dog parent to a loving mixed Terrier-Pitbull, Ariel.


Luin Francke

Executive Director

Luin Francke is the Executive Director of YMCM.

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